Come Home to the Body

Nancy believes that dance is a way of finding transformation, health, joy, and community.  Based in Oakland, CA, she is a certified group fitness instructor who has been performing belly dance for over a decade. In each class she demonstrates how dance is a way of discovering more about oneself. Improvisation is Nancy’s favorite way of exploring the nuances of dance, especially to live music. Her dance education began with a strong desire to understand the history and the dance as an art-form. This has led her to study many different styles of belly dance and expand her education with other styles of dance and movement.  She has delighted audiences at many events in the US and recently traveled to Israel where she taught her improvisational movement format. She loves the traditional styling of Egyptian dances and the highly creative world of Tribal Fusion.

In 2014 she completed her Master’s Degree in Holistic Health Education. Her education inspired a unique perspective that she brings into her dance classes and performance.

Dance Education:

American Tribal Style – Began in 2004 in Placerville, CA with Cintia of MANASA.  Also studied with Fat Chance Bellydance instructors.

UNMATA style Tribal Fusion & Improvisational Tribal Style – 2005 – 2007 Hot Pot Studios, Sacramento, CA

Egyptian Style Belly Dance – Began 2008, SF Bay Area- Samar Nassar, Ziva Emtiyaz, Ahava, Adriana

Dancecraft Tribal Fusion w/ Zoe Jakes – 2015 Key of Diamonds Graduate

Kami Liddle Tribal Fusion – 2017 Summer Series & dance conditioning

Mira Betz – 2017 Dance Art Intensive

Cera Byer – Dance coaching, conditioning, and dance hall

Movement Training & Education

Yoga & Pilates – Since 2003

Conscious Dance Intensives for, Body Mind Centering, 5 Rhythms, Dancing Freedom, & Soul Motion – since 2012

Qi Gong – 2012 – 2013

Bellyfit Instructor Training – 2013

Mind-Body Fitness Specialist – American Council on Exercise (Gentle Yoga & Mat Pilates) – 2017

Zumba Instructor Training – 2017

Showgirl Awakening – 2017 & 2018