Nancy is available to bring workshops to your community. Guaranteed to help performers of any style of movement get more out of their dance technique and abilities. Interested in creating a whole weekend intensive experience? Use the contact form and let’s make a plan.

Previous Workshop Teaching Experience

Sirens Fest Dance & Music Festival, Sebastopol, CA 2017

  • Improvisational Alchemy

The EYES Have It! Dance Festival, Merced, CA 2016 & 2017

  • Improvisational Alchemy – both years

Waking Persephone Dance Festival, Seattle WA,  2014 & 2015

  • Say “Shhhh” to the Lizard Brain – 2014
  • Qi Gong for Dancers – 2015

Israel, Bat Yam – 2014

  • Improvisational Alchemy

Bay Area Workshops Offered – 2013 to Current

  • Stage Fright Management
  • Improvisational Alchemy



Improvisational Alchemy altar encourages participants to call on intuition and essences of the 5 elements for their movement practice.

“Set Your Dance Free” Improvisational Alchemy (2 hr minimum)

Set your body free with guidance from the 5 elements: Water, Metal, Fire, Air/Wood, and Earth/Spirit. Experience the freedom of expression and develop confidence in moving your body. Suitable for all levels of dance/movement experience, all bodies, and all ages. Workshop format tailored to your group’s needs, from guided facilitation from Nancy or a freestyle dance experience with no talking on the dance floor.





The Dancing Body (1.5 hr minimum)

Contemporary Dance Group in Israel exploring movement flow in a workshop taught by Nancy

Designed for those with at least a year of dance/movement experience. Move your body with fluidity and intention for dance moves that “wow!”. Understand placement of limbs in relationship to the body for creating lines that feel good and look fabulous. Create movement patterns and shapes that work for any dance style and body type.








Say “Shhhhh to the Lizard Brain” aka Stage Fright Management (1.5 hr minimum)

De-stress and improve your performances

Mindful breath and movement exercises to get the body-mind-spirit ready for performance. Suitable for all human beings. Learn Qi Gong centering and grounding as a cornerstone to performance warm up. Feel your worries melt away with each breath and allow your best self to arrive.









Dance Your Story: Exploration with Movement Motifs (3 hr minimum)

Motifs are the building blocks for developing movement phrases and combinations. Learn how expression, gesture, and communication allow for creation of movement vocabulary for soloists and groups. Use problem solving skills to create choreography and/or explore improvisational movement.  Suitable for all bodies and levels of experience.

Glowing participants after a movement workshop. Inspired and ready to keep creating.